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Lead magnets made easy…

So you want to get started in a new niche…

Of course you know you need to build a list…without question, right?

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Platinum Affiliate Programs

I’m launching a new product on the 29th.

It is called Platiunum Affiliate Programs and it is a collection of 200+ affiliate programs in 40 niches outside the Make Money Online niche.

I don’t like much of the WSO’s that are peddled in the MMO niche.

There are full of hype and BS and promise you, you can make a million bucks sitting around in your PJ’s within a month.

Platinum Affiliate Programs is no such thing.

It’s a tool to use if you’re in affiliate marketing. A list of affiliate programs of the beaten path.

Check it out and see if it is of any interest to you.

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Why building an e-mail list is important

How important is building an e-mail list, your own personal list, if you are building an internet business?

Look at it this way.

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Why I do this

I sometimes get asked how I started working online.

And I guess my story is not unlike those for a lot of people out there.

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