“How I Went From Earning A Few Hundred To Five-Figures A Month... In Just 30 Days!”

The Phoenix Program... Let Your Business Rise From The Ashes In Just 30 Days


Mike Vandergraaf

I know you're busy... so I'll be brief 

When I first got into internet marketing and was earning a few hundred a month from my online business I was absolutely delighted...

I was amazed by the potential of having my own internet business

But this didn't last long - I soon realised that I was being overtaken by marketers who seemed to have just come onto the scene or even by my competition who suddenly appeared to have discovered knowledge or secrets that I simply didn't have access to!

It Took Me A Long Time To Discover What They Knew... But I Didn't

But Once I DID Know, It Only Took Me 30 Days To Turn My Entire Business Around!

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Here Are Just Some Of The Things You'll Discover

  • I can show you where you're going wrong in your current business... and how while it's easily fixed, 90% of marketers will never work this and out and quit before they find succes
  • I'll show you how his method can totally eliminate indecision, information overload and shiny object syndrome because you'll know exactly what you're doing every morning when you wake up
  • I'll show you how this system gave me multi-thousand dollar paydays with no launches, no JV's and without creating a new product
  • I can show you how to structure your business to eliminate worry about how to pay next month's bills. I'm not guaranteeing this - but I really think I can :)
  • I'll show you the difference between why successful marketers make money and most newbies DON'T and why you'll end up sounding like Homer Simpson (Doh!) when you realise how SIMPLE the solution is. HINT: You just have to look at why you follow certain marketers and not others - and it's nothing to do with earnings or experience.
  • I'll show you how you all you'll need is just ONE core product (small, simple and in ANY format) and that can be created in just hours
  • I'll show you how to set up a highly successful 'core' to your business, regardless of your delivery method, niche or medium.
  • I'll show you exactly how I structure this system in my own business including how I can have $5,000 paydays without launches, affiliates or creating new products or sales pages.
  • You'll discover how your lack of experience, reputation or contacts doesn't matter one bit as long as you're willing to implement this system in your own business
  • And I'll show you actual examples with pricing, URL's and the thinking behind it all... which I've NEVER shared before
  • And So Much More...

Here's The Ugly Truth

Your business is currently in the state it's in RIGHT NOW (good or bad) because of two things:

1. Your current thinking
2. Your current actions

But changing the rut you're in is hard.

Actually scratch that - changing the rut you're stuck in is EASY - but knowing WHAT to change is hard.

I'll say it again... it took me just 30 days to change my business VASTLY for the better, but several YEARS to figure out WHAT to change.

And That's Exactly What I Want To Give To You - The Shortcut I Didn't Have... 

This is stuff that is rarely taught - basic, common sense information and vital strategies that are overlooked time and time again when it comes to taking your business to the next level

I was looking so hard for a way to increase my income yet NOTHING was working for me

What I didn't know then was that I was looking so hard in all the wrong places!

What I'm offering YOU here today is simple - let me show you exactly what I found, and exactly what I DID

You get this no-fluff 38-page PDF publication that shares everything about how ANYONE can turn their business around in just 30 days, regardless of experience, products or knowledge

You can start using these strategies immediately

You get the exact strategies of how I've done this in the past and how YOU can start doing this today!

You get simplicity - All these strategies are workable regardless of what level you're at, but they are immensely profitable too

You get actual examples as well - This isn't just theory.

I've been successfully developing these strategies for years and have earned consistently from them.

You won't have to do anything you're too uncomfortable with, compromise your morals in any way or pretend to be something you're not, although obviously you will have to put some work in.

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Why Am I Making This Available?

Quite simply because this is some of the most effective information I've ever shared and if I'm honest, because I have a blessed life and want to give something back...

There are some things that are hidden in plain sight but if you don't spot them for yourself you're not going to make much progress no matter WHAT you do

So this is my way of giving you a shove up the ladder, in the way people have helped me in the past.

Let me spotlight what works for you.

Is It Finally Time To Start Changing Things For Yourself?

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty...

I'm an internet marketer and I make money by teaching others the skills I have acquired over the years - the skills to create your own online business and to become as financially self-sufficient as you wish.

I can't guarantee you'll succeed with these methods because I can't make you do the work that's required - I'm not your mum - but I can promise you that by the end of this report you WILL have something concrete to act on, if you choose.

I can hand that to you, starting in about 2 minutes if you wish.

The choice is yours.

See you on the inside...

Mike Vandergraaf

Here's my personal email address and feel free to use it:

Whitelabel License Also Available (Limited Time Only) Click Above To Proceed

P.S. Simple changes can make the biggest differences to your online business. You just need someone to show you WHAT to change. That's what I'm offering here today.

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