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Hi I’m Mike Vandergraaf, Online Marketer, Martial Artist & Breathwork teacher, always trying to perfect the subtle art of 'Cut the Crap' marketing... not necessarily all in that order.

I live in... [ReadOn]

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Now as you've probably noticed...

There is no opt/lead magnet/bribe in on my website.

No bribe to get your email address and start promoting loophole-quick-rich-scams to you.

Not my thing.

I've got some free reports... but... well, they're free

They have solid information in them and I'm giving it to you, no strings attached.

Why? Doesn't that go against all conventional wisdom of listbuilding and marketing online?

Yes, but first, I don't do conventional, and second, we're all adults here...

If you WANT to hear from me...

the way I do things online,

without all the hype and make believe,

and if you don't want to be treated as a number, but as a real person with the same hopes and goals as I have

and you want to hear from someone who's in the trenches... like you

making a living online, going out of his way helping others do the same.

Then, and only then...

just send an email to [email protected] saying Hi, and I'll send you my daily musing on the way I do things.

It will be great to hear from you!

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