Lead magnets made easy…

So you want to get started in a new niche…

Of course you know you need to build a list…without question, right?

And you need a lead magnet to build that list, so you can start selling to that list.

But how do you create a lead magnet without it taking too much of your time.

You don’t want it to be a 70 page eBook.

Or an all comprehensive guide to “Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”… (which is 42 BTW…Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy anyone?)

In most cases more is NOT better.

You visitors are not interested in something that is to large or detailed to consume quickly.

The want something short and sweet.

Something that they can take action on and shows that you know what the hell you are talking about.

So, how do you do that….

Well, I always start out with a resource list…a top 10 as it were..

So, let’s say your new niche is ‘workouts for pregnant woman’

Just google, ‘top 10 or 11 or 15 or 20 exercises for pregnant woman’

Find a couple of articles…combine them, and rewrite them, and compile your own top 10 list.

Now, go to magazines.com

Go to the woman section

Pick a popular magazine

Take a headline from the front cover and change it to fit your niche.

In this case…

FIND THE ONE, Your Perfect Pregnancy Workout Tips Inside

Go to Pixabay.com, or any other free photo site.

Get a picture that fits your niche….put your new headline on it using Canva.com

Like this.

Combine your article and new photo in Google Docs and save it as a PDF.

Create your squeeze page using your headline, sub-headline and picture.

Your done….

Just add traffic and your of…

Shouldn’t take you more than an hour…

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