Why building an e-mail list is important

How important is building an e-mail list, your own personal list, if you are building an internet business?

Look at it this way.

How likely are you to open an e-mail from a sender, with an e-mail and name that you know?

And one from a sender e-mail and name that you don’t? 

If you sign up to a newsletter and you get something informative once or several times per week, you will probably open that e-mail. Now, what about an e-mail from someone you do not know?


And you are no different than a lot of people. 

If you build and nurish your own email list of customers and subscribers. 

Those people are going to recognize your e-mail and name as someone thats helps them and send them useful information.

Will your e-mails be opened more?

Will interaction with you and your e-mails be better, than it might be with a  purchased, rented or solo ad list? 

I think you know my answer…

Hell Yes! your own list wins! No questions asked…. 10sec K.O. first round win!!

Remember, when you get a list from someone else, it is for certain sold to a lot of other people. 

The people on that list receive e-mails, not only from you.

But from many others to.

And all from email addresses and people they don’t really know or trust.

You need to build your own list!

How, do you ask me?

At the very minimum, you need a blog. 

Nothing fancy…..

And it doesn’t have to be very complicated.

A simple page where you put down your thoughts and ideas for people to read and get to know you.

And you make an optin or squeeze page and give them something that would interest them.

Nothing to complicated there.

Next you need an autoresponder.

You use the autoresponder e-mails to deliver value and build a relationship with your subscribers.

Your e-mails must help them and provide value for them to be opened, let alone read.

Give them information that helps, that is interesting and entertaining.

If you do that, than people look forward to your e-mail no matter how often you send them. 

If you don’t provide useful information, your e-mails won’t even get opened.

You’ll need patience. 

You won’t have a huge list instantaneously. 

But as you build it like I told you, you’ll be creating a business. 

A solid business, with returning customers.

If you do go and buy e-mail addresses and send them directly to your offer. 

It would be worth your while to first build a relationship with them.

Just look at these numbers.

To sum up.

Build your own high-quality e-mail list. Provide value and create a long term relationship with those people.


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