Why I do this

I sometimes get asked how I started working online.

And I guess my story is not unlike those for a lot of people out there.

It started out of frustration.

They say

frustration is one of the biggest movers of events

And in my case, that was definitely so.

I used to be working away from home a lot.
The work was boring… long hours and a lot of stress.

I had also just lost a company due to the banking crisis and it all just added up.
Then on top of that I got into a divorce.

So I basically hated my life at that point, and I started looking for other ways to make a living and live my life.

One of the first things I found was a course on blogging….
Don’t even remember who it was, but it blew my mind

Here was this young kid, making a lot more than I had ever earned by just posting to his blog online
So I bought the course and started my online journey…

Well…so I thought…

I spend more money on courses, tricks and tools than I dare to admit.
In the end, doing blogging, SEO, CPA, Affiliate marketing….it all got me nowhere

I got more and more frustrated with this online dream

There was something they weren’t telling me…

I mean, listening to all the stories and promises..this should’t be this hard..

Turned out… it isn’t, but that all came after I stopped listening to all those wannabe gurus and snake-oil sellers out there.

I found someone who did know what he was doing and didn’t mind sharing his secret..

And so I find myself today…living the way I imagined it….

Working from home….plenty of time for my kids and myself doing the things I want…

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